U.S. Embassy cable discuss mass transportation

Below is a short section from a cable sent from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing in January 2009:

13. (C) In the next fifteen years, while China’s overall

population is predicted to stabilize, its urban population

will likely grow to almost 1 billion, an increase (of 300

million people) equal to the entire current population of the

United States.  China plans to build 20,000 to 50,000 new

skyscrapers over the next two decades — as many as ten New

York cities.  More than 170 Chinese cities will need mass

transit systems by 2025, more than twice the number now

present in all of Europe.  China is now surpassing Germany as

the world’s third largest economy and is projected to

overtake Japan within the next five years.  By the end of the

next thirty years, China’s economy could rival the United

States in overall scale (although its per capita income will

likely only be one quarter of the United States’).



The complete cable can be found here:


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