CRH380A on Shanghai-Beijing HSR Line

Its been few pictures published of the CRH380A that will be used for the Shanghai-Beijing Line that will start in June. One reason is that ticket prices in general has been heavily criticized and that these CRH380A will have three ticket levels; 2nd class, 1st class and VIP class. The protesters say that these trains with VIP seats doesnt reflect the needs for ordinary Chinese people. The new leadership of MOR has ordered the VIP seats to be removed so the pictures below is the only chance to see how it might looked like without the MOR scandal that began in February. The pictures were taken in Sifang Rolling Stock workshop, Qingdao.

2nd class compartment, 5 seats. The width of CRH380A is 3380 mm.

1st class, 4 seats.

VIP class, 3 seats (cancelled). These seats are similar to Business class seats in aeroplanes; seats can be 180° rotated, full sleeping position and individual TV screens.

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